Why use Estate Planning Kits?

Estate planning kits provide the organization you need while you plan to protect all of your assets. Our kits will provide you with the organization for your documents that you need to be legally compliant and provide a way to keep everything organized in one convenient place.

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Estate Planning Kits

Estate Planning Kit

Estate Planning Kit

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Family Forms

Family Forms are always important to have. In an emergency situation, or in the event of an accident or death, these Family Forms are a must. It contains all your family’s important information from monthly bills to Life Insurance and bank account information.

This Digital File contains 15 pages of the most important forms that your family will need.

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So Organized!

  • The Will

    This tab is entirely dedicated to your Will, making it easily accessible to the reader.

  • The Trust

    Your Trust is important. We have highlighted it by giving it it's own Tab in the Estate Planning Kit.

  • Power(s) of Attorney

    In the event that you won't be able to answer to a decision, this Tab is entirely dedicated to the people you have given Power of Attorney to.